Save Money With A Local Buying Cooperative

How to save on your monthly health food spending by starting or joining a buyers club.

The Editor

When I was a young man growing up in the West African culture, my mother would occasionally take part in what she called a "padner".  It took me years to realise that once you put it through the afro-english translator, "padner" becomes "partner" which essentially is a unofficial method of group saving using a monthly savings plan.  It works by getting together a group of friends, typically no more than twelve and no less than three.  Each friend becomes a "partner" contributing a fixed amount of cash, lets say fifty pounds each month, into a pot.  Each partner takes it in turns to collect the entire pot each month.  

To give you an example, let's say that twelve friends are doing a padner for a year starting in January.  You plan on making a big purchase in April so that is the month that you will cash out the pot.   As a partner you would pay into the pot the agreed amount each month, i.e. £50 in January, £50 in February, £50 in March and so on.  When April rolls around you can collect the entire pot which would be twelve times fifty pounds therefore six hundred pounds.  After you have collected you continue to pay your regular monthly amount.  All this is obviously based on trust; there are no banks or written agreements involved.

These days if you want to eat high quality food, use organic produce, non-toxic shampoos and deodorants, you might need to start a padner to afford it!

Doing your shopping with high street brands like Holland & Barrett or Wholefoods, to provide just a couple of examples, can leave you out of pocket and unsure of the quality and efficacy of the products purchased.

You can make substantial savings by getting together with a group of friends to combine your purchases and buy in bulk.  Group buying may open the door to many wholesale suppliers who have strict minimum order requirements.

How to Start a Food Buying Club

If you have a large enough group to meet the minimum order price on a relatively regular basis, you can set up a wholesale account directly with a few of the different natural product and organic food wholesalers.  This can save you money but what happens when you don't have enough people willing to make an order every month?  Who will organise delivery and distribution of each order? What about returns?

TheGardensSecret buying club has been created to allow you as an individual to receive an immediate five per cent discount off the RRP of all you favourite natural products.  As a buying club member you can get the benefits of group buying without having to meet a minimum order requirement

Some of the other benefits of TheGardensSecret buying club include:

  • Access to high-quality, natural and organic products at bulk or wholesale prices
  • Become part of the buying club community and contribute to product discussions and reviews
  • Discover new products before they are available on the high street
  • Members share opinions and learn about products from each other
  • Get exclusive access to member discounts and loyalty rewards
  • Access member only content including recipes and behind the scenes product reviews

TheGardensSecret has wholesale accounts with some of the great national and regional wholesalers.  Register as a member today to get access to wholesale pricing discounts!

For a limited amount of time receive a no obligation 30-day FREE trial of TheGardensSecret buying club.  Sign up now for updates.

What do you have to lose?